Changing the media market

A breaking news app that aggregates news from multiple sources providing a customisable yet anonymous experience for users, free distribution for content providers and is not ad supported.

Changing the media market

What is bubblr news?

bubblr news is a breaking news app that provides free distribution for content providers. Users can customise it to suit their individual news preferences, but most importantly it is completely anonymous.

It is also completely brandable. Based on bubblr news, the bubblr app factory will quickly generate branded apps for online influencers to distribute content to their followers.



The best breaking news app that only takes news stories from trusted sources and allows users to block sources themselves. Also, we don’t exploit users personal or behavioural data.

Anonymous and Secure

We do not capture any user data; there is no registration either with ourselves or with anyone else (Facebook, Google) and our app is spam proof.


It is completely free to use and it is not ad-supported.

Built for mobile

Specifically designed for mobile devices, the bubblr news app is really easy to use and always puts you in control of the stories you want to receive.