Changing the future of the internet

By DESIGNING and patenting an alternative economic ecosystem, BUBBLR is changing how the internet works

Changing the future of the internet

What is Ad-free Marketplace?

Our Ad-free Marketplace is revolutionary. Resolving the inherent issues with the internet that exist today and built specifically for mobile devices, it’s a radically different marketplace for searching for, selling and buying goods and services, that is not supported by adverts. With a flat fee for all businesses wishing to sell their goods and services, and a unique search algorithm scoring the authenticity of each businesses ability to answer the users query, the result is a fair and even playing field for everyone.

  • Users remain anonymous and their behavioural data is not tracked or exploited
  • Content Providers are given a substantial new revenue stream that rewards quality content
  • Small and Medium-sized businesses access to customers is based on how well they perform, not on how deep their pockets are

We’re in the process of building the Ad-free Marketplace. Please contact us if you would like more information.



We do not capture any user data; there is no registration either with ourselves or with anyone else (Facebook, Google) and we don’t exploit users personal or behavioural data.

Fair play

Small and Medium-sized businesses get a new low cost access to customers. All suppliers are charged the same rate and there is no need to be a SEO guru, our algorithm rewards authenticity and search priority is determined by supplier performance.


Content Providers get rewarded for authentic content. Our Content Providers get paid for content as part of a revenue share with the Ad-free Marketplace.

Built for mobile

Specifically designed for mobile devices, the Ad-free Marketplace will be really easy to use and always puts you in control of the search results you want to see.

How it works

Watch our video below to find out how the Ad-free Marketplace will work.