Our Business Framework consists of products that, together, will accomplish our mission. We’ve designed an ecosystem of mobile-first apps that will network into our patented Ad-free Marketplace.

Our content network consists of 3 main products for building a critical mass of users. All of our apps (including those generated by the bubblr app factory) will directly connect to the Ad-free Marketplace.

NewzMine aggregates news through a mobile app. There are no ads, and users curate and control their news interests - since we don’t do it for them. The users are in complete control.

Provides anyone with a following (e.g., influencers, publishers, etc.), the ability to have their own custom branded app. This technology will be a significant distribution channel for our technology, assisting us in achieving a critical mass of users.

Our Citizens Journalist app is how we will assist in the fight against fake news. It taps into user cameras that allow them to record and upload un-editable blockchain videos.

A new marketplace for goods and services – think Tinder meets YellowPages. It’s anonymous for users, fair to participating SMEs, and rewards Content Providers adequately.

It’s a Freemium Model, to begin with, turning into a subscription model providing significant monthly recurring revenue to the whole ecosystem.

All partners, publishers and influencers who use our technology can do so free of charge – but they will be contracted to promote the Ad-Free Marketplace once we turn it on.