A decentralized world of news.

The world’s first news community controlled by the readers. Getting back to the facts. The world of news is filled with noise.

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Smartphones and social media have brought virtually unlimited information straight to our pockets, but lack a way to filter out the spam, fake news, and irrelevant content that wastes our time and leaves us misinformed. With so much stuff competing for our attention, it’s hard to separate real reporting from clickbait.

We believe the future of news should be better.

That's why we created Bubblr;

An anonymous, ad-free community where readers collectively control what is published, so everyone can get the information they want from people they trust.

Accuracy over advertisers.

Unlike most news outlets or content distribution platforms, we don’t rely on advertising dollars to keep our service running.

News here is always factually correct and free from outside influence.

To make sure the truth always wins, we decentralized the community and made it self-moderated; every article submitted goes through a review process where other users check to make sure the facts are right and that the story is relevant to the topics it’s tagged with. Once articles are distributed, they’re ranked by the readers so good content wins and fluff fails. This keeps the user experience clutter-free and keywords and advertising dollars out of the equation.

Controlled by the people.

This is more than a place to just passively consume content.

Every user has the chance to be an active part of the Bubblr community. From challenging claims in an article to upvoting stuff they like to tipping authors, users are in the driver's seat and determine what content gets the most exposure.

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Personalized with purpose.

We combat overcrowded news feeds with a set of features that give users greater control of the content they see.
Personalizing news in the app is easy; whether users want to curate a feed around their interests or find all relevant articles to a topic, our filters cut out the clutter to make sure the only content that ends up in front of them is what they asked for.

Built on blockchain.
So how do we make money?

Bubblr runs on a cryptocoin seamlessly embedded into the app. With no advertisers or news companies, the money stays among the Bubblr user base. Creators, verifiers, and even readers can be rewarded for making or sharing good, honest content.
Blockchain technology attaches every article to its owner making it easy to identify plagiarism and fake news while holding creators responsible for their content.