Content with Consequence.

No more fake news. Record and report the facts your way.
Built for the community, secured by the people.

Reporting Live for Channel You.

The Citizen Journalist app makes everyone a potential journalist.
Featuring powerful safeguards that prevent digital evidence manipulation, use your mobile device to record the things that matter to you.
Once you're done, upload it to Bubblr. All submissions are fact-checked and verified by the independent reader community, not a corporation.

Build Your Reputation.

You're in full control.

There's only one requirement: tell the truth.
Report as much or as little as you want. Share original content and let users write about it. Find other submissions and write your own articles. It's all up to you.
Bubblr automatically tracks everything you create and gives you attribution for your hard work. The more you contribute, the more trusted you'll become.

Quality and quantity.

Bubblr is built for content creators as much as it is for readers.
The same smart trackers used by Citizen Journalist to preserve evidence also prevent plagiarism and other forms of abuse.
Unlike other platforms, readers won't have to sift through duplicate content looking for an original take.

Truth Pays.

Build your Reputation and get your original content verified. Get paid to report facts.

Verified content can be traded or sold on the Bubblr marketplace. Take advantage of the ERC-721 token standard to monetize your work without worrying about complex licensing or intellectual property agreements. The app handles everything for you.

Engagement that earns.

Get rewarded for being active in the community.
Bubblr is at its best when our users go beyond the role of ‘reader’. Engaging through correctly flagging false facts, sharing great articles that eventually become popular, and even logging in every day boosts your credibility in the community. To ensure good contributions are rewarded and bad behavior is penalized, every user gets a reputation score – a rating that keeps track of your contributions and grants you more permissions as it grows.

Powered by BBLR token.

Bubblr runs on BBLR tokens – an ERC-20 token built seamlessly into the app.
Activity in the app earns you BBLR tokens which you can use to for different activities. If a writer gets a fact wrong, you can challenge it with a stake of BBLR token and earn more when your right. You can even award your favorite contributors by leaving them a tip to help them do what they love.


Can anyone approve content?

Not exactly. While anyone can download Bubblr to read content, we only allow account holders to challenge facts and comment on posts. This holds every user responsible for what they do on the app, so any trolling or malicious behavior can be flagged, removed, and prevented in the future.

Is Bubblr free to use?

To just consume content, you don’t have to pay us anything – you don’t even have to make an account! But for those users who really want to be active in the Bubblr community, we operate off a pay what you want for content model. Simply purchase BBLR tokens and stake what you want to moderate a post, send a micro-payments, or tip a creator – you’re in complete control.

How do you keep users from incorrectly flagging content?

Users have to put their money where their mouth is if they want to flag a claim in an article as false. Every challenge submitted by a user has to be backed by evidence from a reliable source and by a stake of BBLR token. If it fails, the BBLR token goes to the creator and the user takes a hit to the reputation score to ensure only well thought out challenges are made.

Does Bubblr allow opinion pieces?

Absolutely! We understand how valuable opinions are to journalism and want our contributors to feel safe expressing theirs. What we stand against are false facts and behavior that stops positive discussion; as long as content doesn’t violate those rules, it has a home here.

What is BBLR token and how can I spend it?

BBLR token is a utility token designed to let you challenge false facts and support the creators of articles you engage with by sending micro-payments and letting you tip your favorites contributors. It will be available on exchanges after the initial token offering.