The Bubblr breaking news apps

Bubblr has developed a unique (and we would say best) breaking news app that provides free distribution for content providers. Most importantly, for end users, it is completely anonymous. We do not capture any user data; there is no registration either with ourselves or with anyone else (Facebook, Google – we do not bow to these false gods). It is completely free to use and it is not ad-supported.

It is also completely brandable. For example, we have a version that focuses on Football (soccer in the US) called Football Flash.

We have built an “app factory” that can generate a branded version of the breaking news apps for any influencers. To do this, we just require the correct graphical assets, and we can build and register Android and Apple iOS versions of the apps that deliver influencers content as breaking news along with all the generic breaking news functionalities.

Why do we provide these breaking news apps for free? Because we need to build an audience. Moreover, we need an established platform for content providers to be able to get their share of our mobile marketing platform money.