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bubblr Limited began trading in March 2015 as an internet technology start-up with ambitions to change the world. Steve Morris, the founder, had been working on a way to find the holy grail of the modern internet. That is how to solve the problem of monetising mobile internet traffic. Steve was convinced he had a working solution to this problem and has designed and patented this. The idea was secured originally with UK and International patents. These patents have now been extended to USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. In addition, Steve had spent over a year modelling the system in order to derive a trade secret algorithm essential to make it work.

The first phase of this business plan was to develop and launch the best mobile breaking news app in existence. Then to distribute the apps to establish a substantial user base. This user base will then be utilised to launch the mobile monetisation method and start to generate some very substantial revenues and profits. Right now it is December 2016 and we just launching the market ready version of the world’s best breaking news app bubblr. But this is just the beginning, bubblr the news app will get even better and by Q4 2017 we will have turned on the revenue generation tap and then the fun will really begin.

About us

Steve Morris is CEO of bubblr and after establishing the company he subsequently went about securing the best people he could find to fulfil the other key roles on the board of directors. We could not find better candidates for any of the positions. Dennis Edmonds is our chairman, Mark Challinor is our marketing director and Paul Munn is our finance director. Collectively the board developed an extremely shrewd business plan to ensure Bubblr’s rapid success. This business plan was sufficiently strong to facilitate substantial seed capital to be rapidly raised to enable us to launch the company and begin production development.

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