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Bubblr is a really cool breaking news app that is anonymous, ad-free and cost-free. Even
though it is just a work in progress prototype, we believe that this is the future for breaking
news content, Just pick one of our suggested news topics or type in your own search terms.
The news stories you are interested in will be delivered to your Bubblr App within 30
seconds of them being published.
We’re not interested in non-reputable new content, so no fake news, no plagiarism, only
content from tier one news sources.
So how do we make money? Bubblr has patented a brand new mobile ad platform where you
can ask for products or services you are interested in, a little like using yellow pages or a
concierge service. This platform has been patented in the UK, USA, Europe and other
territories. Once we launch this platform, we provide a low-cost and fair mobile marketing
channel for SME’s and we share all our net revenues 50/50 with our news content providers.

So Bubblr is great for:

• Genuine news providers whose content will be rewarded fairly

• Small to medium-sized enterprises who will have low-cost access the mobile channel

• Mobile users who want to remain anonymous, don’t want fake news or pop-ads

bubblr app

Features of bubblr

bubblr is easy to use and has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to pick up the app and get going in seconds.

Easy to use

We have focussed on making the app very easy to use and intuitive. It is simple and thumb friendly whether you are left or right handed. You won’t see any annoying popups either!

Share your news

Man United rumoured to sign Messi? Share it with your mates on social media, email or text message with a simple tap of an icon.

Save for offline reading

You can flag news stories to be saved for later and read them at your leisure when you have no signal or wi-fi – great whilst travelling!

bubblr app

All of your news, one app

You might be interested in a Football team, particular Sport, or Politics. You can register all these terms (and more) with bubblr. No need to go anywhere else for your breaking news.


Completely Anonymous

You don’t need to register with bubblr, we don’t need your email address or any personal details. Our app is completely Spam free.

Notifications you control

You choose how you want to be notified – you can even get notifications on your smart watch. Be the first to know if your team makes a new signing!

So easy to use, I check it daily to make sure I'm up to date with the news that I want to know about.

J. Webster, Brisbane

Its so easy to use , absolutely amazing to get my up to date news in my favorite sport category cricket and politics

Nirmal Naik, Wembley

Bubblr is brilliant. As a football fan for a lower league team I now don't have to waste time to search for news! Absolutely brilliant and just what I've been waiting for!

Brad Field, London

Brilliant Love this app, timely targeted news with all the cr*p filtered out.

B. Gleeson

Get the bubblr app

bubblr app

bubblr is a personal newsreader app that allows you to pick the subjects that you are interested in and finds all relevant sources of news for those subjects. Choose from a set of pre-defined categories and topics or search for your own subjects.

bubblr let’s you create a personalised search list lists on the main screen for all your favourite news subjects. Browse an article, share it with friends and family, and mark it off your list – all at the tap of a finger with a simple intuitive interface.

What makes bubblr different ?


The best post truth breaking news app, only taking news stories from tier one sources

Easy to use

The app is really easy to use and always puts you in control of the news stories you want to receive



In bubblr there is no personal tracking and our app is spam proof.

  • UK population online 86%
  • 25-34 year olds accessing online news 79%
  • News providers investing more in online content in 2016 79%

Industry statistics show that the demand for online news is increasing every year. bubblr offers it’s users a single, simple platform for reading news from all available sources.

(Statistics gathered between 2013-2016, source ONS, The Guardian Online and

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