An ethical technology company, committed to making the internet great again


The underlying ethos at BUBBLR. is one of fairness, authenticity and a desire, through our business processes and new technologies, to make the world a better place.

We believe that the internet is fundamentally broken; the existing economic model is dysfunctional; it’s riddled with fake news and false information; it exploits our personal & behavioural data; it’s monopolised by large internet beasts; and benefits only those with deep pockets.

A new breed of ethical tech companies can provide profoundly disruptive technologies to fix these problems. BUBBLR. intends to be at the heart of this revolution.

Our Products:

All our products will be mobile based applications, free from the inherent problems associated with using browsers


A breaking news app which will change the media market

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App Factory

Free, dedicated and branded apps for online influencers to distribute content to their followers

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Ad Free Marketplace

A place to search for and buy goods and services, built on a fair economic model

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Citizens Journalist

An antidote to fake news

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