Why the Internet is Broken

Abusing User Data

Technology companies are abusing people’s personal and behavioural data – and it’s being noticed.

Failing Content Providers

Content providers are struggling with the economics of “free” content in a digital world—and the quality of their publications are suffering.

Unfair to SMEs

Small to Medium-sized businesses are paying a “digital tax” to participate in the current digital ecosystem. Yet they still struggle to compete with large corporations.

Bubblr’s Solution Provides:

First Principle Thinking

Bubblr vs. Ad-Tech

Our mission is to bring back privacy to users, trust to content and sustainability to the digital marketplace.

Bubblr’s Solution

Bubblr is an ethical tech company, disrupting the way users, content providers and SMEs exchange value digitally. Our underlying values are equality and fairness for all. We’ve designed an ecosystem of apps to build a patented network and launch the first digital Ad-Free Marketplace.

For Users

An anonymous and secure way to use the web. With the ability to search and find authentic information, products and services – with users controlling and judging if their needs are being met.

For Content Providers

By promoting and rewarding the creation of high caliber content and journalism, content providers will have a new revenue stream and direct “real-estate” on end-users mobile devices.

For SMEs

A transparent and sustainable marketplace that rewards authenticity, providing businesses a new marketing channel to build and connect with potential customers. Higher-quality leads at a fraction of the current costs.

The Significance Of Our US Patent

Bubblr has patented an alternative ecosystem which fixes the problems of the current economic model. 

U.S. patent granted “Internet Based Search Mechanism” with patents also in the UK, EU, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The Ad-Free Marketplace