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Bubblr’s patented IP bakes ethics and data security into the mobile experience. We launch our open-source platform in Q2, 2022, offering a radically dynamic new set of tools for developers and digital architects who believe in a better mobile internet for all humans. If this is you, you’ve found a family that supports and shares your vision. For an invitation to our beta launch, sign up here.

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User data funds today’s internet. But users lose out in the data value exchange.

Today’s internet is funded by capturing and monetizing users’ data through targeted advertising. But users are not fairly rewarded for sharing their personal information - and they are not clearly informed about how their data is used.

Users and businesses need a sustainable, fair, privacy-first web

Distrust is growing among privacy-conscious internet users. Businesses are increasingly exposed to centralized platform risks, outages and cost rises.


of US adults are ‘very concerned’ about Facebook and Google’s use of their personal data.1


of US adults believe the risks of companies collecting their data outweigh the benefits.2


of US Apple users have opted out of ad tracking.3

1. Pew Center, 2019; 2. eMarketer, 2021; 3. Flurry, 2021.

Bubblr technology fuels next generation internet businesses.

Our patented cornerstone technology matches users precisely to the providers they need - or the information they seek. Users don’t need to share their data to find goods, services or information.

Our cornerstone technology makes anonymous data exchanges possible.

Precision, asynchronous search

We blend NLP, graph databases, named entity recognition and AI to reimagine conversational search. Results are precise for users’ specific needs. No more irrelevant search results.


Internet users can submit anonymous requests for goods, services and information – and they can open anonymous communications channels with providers. No more data harvesting.

Protected by patent.

The US patent was valued by an independent valuation firm at $4.7 billion.1 See the report summary here.

1 Note this figure has been qualified by the valuation firm on a number of levels in its report. The value supposes that the patent is acquired from Bubblr and monetized by a global tech company. .

Listed on OTC markets.

Bubblr listed on OTC markets in December 2020.


Our ventures studio identifies, supports and accelerates promising applications, ideas and businesses.​



Our commercial division identifies bespoke applications and solutions for enterprises. ​


Our open source platform drives cornerstone and pipeline technology development and adoption. ​

“Earlier this year, the company announced its USPTO-approved patent titled the ‘internet search mechanism’ that may change everything we know about the internet.”

Shashank Jacob, Yahoo Finance