an ethical technology company that wants to make the INTERNET great again

Bubblr was formed in 2015 as an ethical tech company from the very beginning. Our code of conduct insists that we treat everyone we deal with ethically. Employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders. We are certain that our profoundly ethical stance will make us more successful and more importantly sustainable.

We at Bubblr believe that the prevailing economic model of the internet is dysfunctional and serves no one apart from the big internet beasts who exploit their monopolistic positions. We believe that our technologies can help fix this.

It is not just us at Bubblr that think that the internet is broken. Many more eminent observers do as well.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the internet thinks so too (see Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns of "negative consequences").

Shoshana Zuboff’s recent book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism has had a huge impact globally. The book took Shoshana seven years to write, and it clearly identifies why the current internet models are not working and are bad for democracy and society.

Jaron Lanier is of the same mind and recently has done a TED talk entitled How we need to remake the internet.

Bubblr believes that a new breed of ethical tech companies can provide profoundly disruptive technologies to fix these problems.

Bubblr intends to be at the heart of this revolution. We want to help the internet achieve its original goals of democratising the world and removing barriers to trade.

Some of the problems Bubblr’s technology wants to fix are: