The Internet is Broken

It might look like it works, but it’s failing everyone. Luckily, we know how to fix it.

The internet has slowly deteriorated and become dysfunctional

But nobody has ever asked the reason why?

The current economic model that drives the internet has evolved by ACCIDENT. Nobody ever designed this model. It just evolved.

End-user data is surreptitiously used and abused by advertisers such as Google and Facebook.

Small businesses cannot use the internet as an online marketing channel because it is expensive and is too complicated.

Content providers have to chase clicks to get ever diminishing returns from banner ads and struggle to make any money because everyone expects it to be free.

This is why we're building the Ad-free Marketplace.

Our Products


The best breaking news app available. Completely anonymous and where the end-user is always in control.

bubblr app factory

A free online factory for building branded, native apps for online influencers. Influencers can then deliver their own content instantly with mobile notifications.

Ad-free Marketplace

An anonymous and secure way for end-users to search for goods and services in a similar way that they search for news in our apps.

Citizens Journalist

A blockchain solution for fake-news. Uses blockchain cryptographic certainty to guarantee recorded content has not been manipulated.