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What is Bubblr?

Bubblr is a high performance news app that’s personal to you. Search the web for the news stories that interest you with a slick and friendly interface.

Bubblr is a free app. It works especially well for football fans but it works equally well for everything else too. Pick your team (or teams) and any breaking news stories will be sent to your app as soon as it happens.

Both fast and efficient, Bubblr is the only news app you will need on your mobile device – allowing you to keep up to date and share the stories that interest you in a single app.

Your news, Delivered.

Bubblr is easy to setup and use:

Bubblr is a personal newsreader app that allows you to pick the subjects that you are interested in and finds all relevant sources of news for those subjects. Choose from a set of pre-defined categories and topics or search for your own subjects.

Wondering if your team is going to make a new signing? Configure the app to report on your team and you’ll never have to trawl multiple sources on the Internet again! Bubblr is great for finding football news. It’s great at finding all news.

Bubblr let’s you create a personalised search list lists on the main screen for all your favourite news subjects. Browse an article, share it with friends and family, and mark it off your list – all at the tap of a finger with a simple intuitive interface.

For our content providers, Bubblr is a radically new internet marketing channel that has extensive patent protection and trade secret algorithms. It is specifically an app based rather than a browser based channel with the Bubblr app itself being the first vehicle to deliver this brand new channel, changing the internet for the better. Most importantly, Bubblr allows the fair monetisation of mobile devices without any obstruction by ad blocker software. After extensive research and modelling, Bubblr has been designed to provide a much more equitable source of revenue for content providers (50/50 split) than they currently enjoy from the current major advertising networks.

Moreover it is designed to be extremely affordable for small to medium sized business as a marketing channel who are currently exploited by high tariffs from the established channels such as price comparison sites and the mega portals. All businesses who subscribe to the channel will be charged the same amount so you can’t buy your way into dominating the channel unlike any existing channels.

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